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Notice of the 76th CCNZ Annual General Meeting

09 Jul 2020

As a result of COVID-19 and the cancellation of CCNZ's 2020 Conference we will be holding the Civil Contractors New Zealand Annual General Meeting as an electronic meeting.

Members are invited to register for the AGM. To do so, please add your details to the online registration form. When you have done this, you will be sent an invitation to attend the electronic AGM.


Date: Thursday 30 July 2020

Time: 9.00am to 10.30am

AGM business and resolutions to be considered 
The business to be discussed at the AGM and put to the vote of CCNZ members will be as follows:

  1. Apologies and Condolences 
    Apologies or condolences can be recorded by emailing

  2. Confirmation of Minutes
    Resolution 1: That the minutes of the 75th AGM held in Rotorua on 2 August 2019 be confirmed as true and correct.



  3. Annual Report and Financial Statements
    Resolution 2: That the CCNZ Annual Report including the Financial Statements for the period ended 31 March 2020 be approved and adopted.



  4. Appointment of Auditor
    Resolution 3: That BDO Wellington be appointed as CCNZ's auditor for the financial year ending 31 March 2021.

  5. Election of Officers to Executive Council
    The term of office of Tim Ford expires at the 2020 AGM. Tony Pike has been nominated for the position of President. There being no further nominations, Tony will be declared elected at the 2020 AGM.

    Vice President 
    The term of office of Tony Pike expires at the 2020 AGM. Bailey Gair has been nominated for the position of Vice President. There being no further nominations Bailey will be declared elected at the 2020 AGM.

    Executive Councillors (three positions)
    Members whose term of office has expired are eligible for re-nomination and re-election. The term of office of David Howard, Mark Evans and Bailey Gair expire at the 2020 AGM. We have received the following nominations for these positions:

    David Howard, Construction Contracts Ltd
    Mark Evans, HEB

    There being only two nominations for three positions, David and Mark will be declared elected at the 2020 AGM.

    In relation to the remaining position on the Executive Council, Rule 12.3(b) states that nominations can be received from the floor of a General Meeting at the discretion of the Executive Council. If no nominations are made, Rule 12.8(c) states the Executive Council can appoint people to vacant positions until the next AGM.

  6. Strategic Plan
    The Executive Council is proposing changes to the Strategic Objectives included in the plan. These changes will be presented at the AGM.

    Resolution 4: That the Strategic Plan for the period 2018 to 2022 be approved

  7. General Business
    To consider any other ordinary business.

AGM Quorum and Voting Rights
Quorum and voting formalities for the meeting will be as required by CCNZ's Rules and confirmed by the President. A quorum for the Annual General Meeting is ten (10) members entitled to vote (or their authorised voting representatives) present. Please read the notes below on how to exercise your voting rights. General Members can direct any enquiries they may have regarding the AGM to CCNZ Chief Executive Peter Silcock.


The purpose of this note is to explain the methods by which a member of CCNZ may vote at the Annual General Meeting. It is important that you read this note carefully and follow the directions given to ensure that your vote is valid.

Only eligible Full Members and Life Members (or the proxies of Full Members or Life Members) are entitled to vote at the Annual General Meeting, as set out in the CCNZ Rules. Associate Members and Retired Members are not entitled to vote.

If you require any specific information as to your right to vote, or the number of votes you are entitled to please contact CCNZ Chief Executive Peter Silcock on 027 448 7036 or CCNZ President Tim Ford on 027 475 2291.

Methods of voting
Appendix 1.12(a) of the CCNZ Rules states - "Election of officers: Voting for the election of officers shall be by secret ballot of all Eligible Members present or represented by a proxy appointed in terms of Appendix 1.13 and eligible to vote. 

Appendix 1.12(b) of the CCNZ Rules states- "Voting on resolutions: Voting on all resolutions (apart from the election of officers) shall be decided first on the voices. If any Eligible Member requests a show of hands, the vote shall be decided by a count of the show of hands.

A poll vote may be demanded by:
i. 25% or more of Eligible Members present (personally or by proxy); or 
ii. the Chair (taking into account (without limitation) the objects of the Society and fair process); 
and once a poll vote is demanded, the vote shall be decided on the basis of a poll in which each Eligible Member (other than Life Members) is entitled to cast one vote for each $100 or part thereof paid in Annual Membership Subscription for the preceding financial year and each Life Member is entitled to cast one vote. The poll shall be taken at the time and in the manner determined by the Chair."

Voting by proxy
If you are unable to attend the AGM you can appoint a proxy to represent you.  


Appendix 1.13 of the CCNZ Rules states- "Proxy voting: Any Eligible Member may be represented by any nominated person authorised in writing, on the prescribed proxy form. To be valid, this proxy form must be properly completed and received by the Chief Executive no later than five (5) business days before the date of the commencement of a General Meeting. No one person is able to represent more than ten (10) Members by proxy." 

The President or any other member of the Executive Council is willing to act as a proxy if a member wishes to appoint them. Proxies must be received by the Chief Executive of CCNZ no later than 9am, Saturday 25 July 2020.




Principal Business Partner
Core Associates
Major Associates
Greenlight Insurance Brokers
H.J. Asmuss & Co. Ltd
Power Farming New Zealand Ltd
Steelgal NZ Ltd
Humes Pipeline Systems
SAMI Bitumen Technologies New Zealand Ltd
John Deere Limited
Turners Group Ltd: Head Office/Auckland
AECOM New Zealand Limited
Vac U Digga NZ LTD 2022
Manage Company
Brandt Equipment
Sheet Pile Ltd
Hynds Pipe Systems
Marley NZ Ltd
Winstone Aggregates
Porter Group Limited
Doug the Digger
Connexis | Te Pukenga
Teletrac Navman
Franklin Smith Group
Kobelco New Zealand
Brolube New Zealand
A B Equipment Ltd
Terra Infrastructure Pty Ltd
CSP Div of Fletcher Steel
Coninnova Limited
Wirtgen NZ Ltd
Axiom Training
Synergy Positioning Systems
Global Survey - Auckland
Te Pūkenga trading at WITT
Nulca NZ
TRIG Instruments
ERoad Ltd
BNZ Partners
Commercial Hire NZ Ltd
Milwaukee Tool New Zealand
UDC Finance
Infrastructure New Zealand
Southeys Group Auckland
Reliance Reinforcing Limited
First Gas
Terra Cat
Geosynthetic Partners International Ltd
Hydraulink Fluid Connecters Ltd
MATES In Construction
Geofabrics New Zealand Ltd
TotalEnergies NZ Ltd
Holcim New Zealand Ltd
Firth Certified Concrete
Advice Financial
XCMG New Zealand
Vertu Equipment Limited
Youngman Richardson
The Drug Detection Agency
Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency
Liebherr New Zealand
Mico New Zealand Ltd
Vertical Horizonz NZ Ltd
Northpine Ltd
Mimico NZ Ltd
Absolute Immigration NZ
Komatsu New Zealand Ltd
Infrastructure Sustainability Council
SaferMe Limited
TLC Insurance Limited
TR Group


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