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Here are some common questions about BPG01
What is the purpose of this document?

To ensure updates can be made and communicated to a wide range of businesses in a timely basis, this document is accessed online using a licence. To obtain a licence, you will need to lodge an enquiry with CCNZ, whereupon your business will be sent an invoice. Licences will be issued following payment of invoice.

What does a licence to access this document give me?

The licence gives you access to the documents that CCNZ produce to control the use of bitumen and to certify bitumen sprayers. As and when updates are generated these will be distributed to those with a licence.

How can my business access this document?

To ensure updates can be made and communicated to a wide range of businesses in a timely basis, this document is accessed online using a licence. To obtain a licence, you will need to register for an account on the CCNZ website and make payment fr the document. Licences will be issued following confirmation of payment.

Can I print this document?

Yes, but once printed the document is uncontrolled. Access to the online document gives ongoing access to updates, which will be pushed out to registered users as legislative changes are made and new best practices are known. This allows the document to remain current as things change in the future. If Licencees wish to print and maintain hard copies of BPG01, this is their responsibility, although they need to be aware these documents may become out of date. CCNZ is not responsible for the accuracy of printed copies.

Can I share this document with people outside my business?

No. While the licence is issued to individuals, they are accessing the document on behalf of the companies they work for. Businesses who do not have a licence to access the document should obtain their own licence to access the document, as this contribution enables us to maintain BPG01 at a professional level.

What if my business needs more than one licence?

If your company needs more than one licence, you may wish to nominate a person or people within the organisation to control the allocation of licences to those who need them. Please be aware all licence holders must abide by the licence terms. The licence is non-refundable.

Do I need this document to get certification (to BPG02) for my bitumen sprayer?

Yes, the requirements for the certification of bitumen sprayers have changed with this update. Requirements for the undertaking audits have changed and these changes are documented in BPG01.

Why is BPG01 accessed online rather than as a print document?

Presenting BPG01 as an online document allows us to maintain and update the document more regularly, ensuring the industry is up to speed with best practice rather than working with a variety of out-of-date document versions. Licensees will be sent email notifications on updates to the document as they happen.

Why are there different prices?

Significant resource has been put into the production of BPG01. This cost has been borne by CCNZ members. Because of this, non-members are asked to contribute at a rate that reflects the production costs of the document, which members have already contributed to through their annual membership fees and significant time contributed in kind by their employees.


We recognise clients and consultants may also require access to BPG01, and have set the fee for clients and consultants at a rate that is not prohibitive, as these parties could not have been expected to contribute during the creation of the document.

Who has provided input into this document?

The document has been updated by Civil Contractors New Zealand members who handle bitumen on a daily basis. The working groups include the most knowledgeable people to provide input in an environment of collaboration.

Can licences be transferred?

Yes. If the member of staff who is licensed to access the document leaves the company or wishes to transfer the licence, the company should arrange for the licence to be transferred to another employee. Contact to arrange this.

Can I obtain this document if I’m based outside of New Zealand?

Yes, the whole document is online and therefore can be accessed by any one with internet access.

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