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Civil Contractors New Zealand awards National Life Membership to people who have made an outstanding lifetime contribution to CCNZ and the broader civil construction industry. National life members are entitled to a vote at any national CCNZ meeting, and receive the same benefits as full members without a subscription fee.

CCNZ Branches also award Branch Life Membership to those who have made an outstanding lifetime contribution to their CCNZ Branch and the civil construction industry in their region. Lists of branch life members can be found on under CCNZ Branches.

List of CCNZ life members, past and present

Life members of Civil Contractors New Zealand
2021- B. Warren
2018- D. Connell 
2017- C. Bruyn
2016- J. Edwards

Life membership of Civil Contractors New Zealand is applied to those who were awarded life membership of CCNZ's predecessor organisations the New Zealand Contractors Federation and Roading New Zealand prior to the merger of these organisations in 2015.

New Zealand Contractors Federation Life Members
D.G. Jewell
D. R. Tilbrook
C.R. Taylor
D.R. Wigzell
C.P. Russell
V. Davidson
S.J. Beeby
T.M. Tattersfield
J. Rowell
J.A. Juno
G. Riley
G.D. Blackley
J. Miles
P.C. Tritt
B.A. Murray
B. Harris
M. McFall
M.S. Whiley
J.W.B. Hardie
V.J. Margan
D.S. Grinter
R.J. Douglas
W.A. Mills
C.K. Davidson
A. D. Swainson
J. Philp
I.S. MacDonald
T.J. Draper
M. Batten
J.S. Farmer
A.R. Tarr
J.E. Feast
W. Pearce
W.G. Kells
N.E. Margan
H.T. Parsons
D.F. Horlor
H.C. Campbell
T.K. Culley
V.A. Draper
D. Sloan
F. Butler

Roading New Zealand Life Members
2013- B. Gundersen
2013- L. Crossen
2009- C. Oldfield
2008- J. Clentworth
2004- P. Bishop
2003- J. Fulton
2000- J. McMillan
1999- J. Pollard
1998- J. Dawson

CCNZ Industry Service Award Recipients

CCNZ Industry Service Awards are presented to those who have made an outstanding lifetime contribution to New Zealand's civil contracting industry and CCNZ, but not served in an elected role.

Three inaugural Service Awards were presented at CCNZ National Conference in Dunedin, with a maximum of one service award per year to be presented in following years.

Industry Service Award Recipients

2019 - A. McIntyre
2018 - M. Connell
2017 - G. Darlow
B. Higgins
R. McRae

Read the criteria for Life Member and Service Award nominations>> 

Principal Business Partner
Core Associates
Major Associates
Terra Cat
Firth Certified Concrete
Komatsu NZ Ltd
Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency
Youngman Richardson
Turners Group Ltd: Head Office/Auckland
TRIG Instruments
Sheet Pile Ltd
BNZ Partners
John Deere Limited
Milwaukee Tool New Zealand
Global Survey - Auckland
Mico New Zealand Ltd
Winstone Aggregates
Southeys Group Auckland
H.J. Asmuss & Co. Ltd
Infrastructure New Zealand
MATES In Construction
Turbo Staff Limited
Marley NZ Ltd
Hynds Pipe Systems
A B Equipment Ltd
Doug the Digger
Wirtgen NZ Ltd
Porter Group Limited
TotalEnergies NZ Ltd
Liebherr New Zealand
Vertu Equipment Limited
Western Institute of Technology Limited
First Gas
nib Advice Financial
TLC Insurance Limited
Synergy Positioning Systems
ERoad Ltd
Geofabrics New Zealand Ltd
Teletrac Navman
Mimico NZ Ltd
SAMI Bitumen Technologies New Zealand Ltd
UDC Finance
Manage Company
Humes Pipeline Systems
Geosynthetic Partners International Ltd
TR Group


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