Sakai v500 Roller Runaway

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An older 1990’s Sakai v500 Roller lost drive and steering (did not stall) while travelling up a slope well within the specifications for this type of machine, and immediately rolled backwards at speed while still in gear.

Driveshaft parking brake failures in commercial and industrial vehicles

Fraser May Safety Alerts

WorkSafe New Zealand has investigated incidents of driveshaft parking brakes failing to keep vehicles stationary, and released guidance on the maintenance, care and controls associated with these parking brakes. Driveshaft (also known as Cardan shaft) parking brakes are fitted as original equipment to some small, medium and heavy trucks. They are also fitted to other vehicles, including commercial and industrial vehicles, such …

Wind meter dropped 27 metres from crane

Fraser May Safety Alerts

While undertaking bottom driven piling in the Mangaone gully the wind meter (anemometer) weighing approximately 3.5kgs has broken and fallen off the crane, dropping 27 meters to the ground within very close proximity of a worker. The full safety alert can be viewed below:

Trailer Anti Luce Pin through hand

Fraser May Safety Alerts

After watching a colleague load the ride-on mower onto its trailer, a worker proceeded with the lifting of the trailer ramp. The worker’s hand became trapped between the anti luce pin and the eye for the ramp. This resulted in a puncture wound requiring hospitalisation, surgery and rehabilitation. The full safety alert can be viewed below: