Everyone benefits from a healthy construction industry

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With the continued failure of construction companies in the vertical sector CCNZ has been busy engaging with government, clients and the media about the benefits of a healthy, viable and sustainable construction industry.

While the civil industry has not had the significant failures experienced in the vertical sector the industry is feeling many of the same pressures.

Over the past few weeks we have been involved in discussions about creating a healthier industry. This has included discussions with:

• other construction industry organisations and clients about the development of a shared set of principles, a Construction Accord, that sets the foundation for a healthier industry

• MBIE regarding the development of a new government procurement rule around the inclusion of a weighted evaluation criteria related to construction skills and training

• Ministers around procurement including the blockages and gaps in the pipeline of work, risk transfer and the increasing use of non-standard documents

• NZTA regarding the development of the new generation of state highway maintenance contracts (NOCs)

For further information contact Peter Silcock 0274487036 or peter@civilcontractors.co.nz

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