CCNZ submission on Reform of Vocational Education

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Civil Contractors New Zealand made a submission on the proposed Reform of Vocational Education.

In summary:

  • CCNZ strongly agrees the vocational education system requires major changes. The current delivery model for vocational education is not working well and could be improved significantly.
  • CCNZ strongly supports the proposed increased industry and employer engagement and empowerment. We believe one of the critical issues that the proposals need to address is the responsiveness of our vocational training system to changing needs of industry.
  • CCNZ called for the Government to recognise that most vocational training undertaken sits outside the ITP sector, with the vast majority of civil construction industry training performed on the job, either out in the field or in dedicated sessions in training rooms or offices.
  • A critical issue is how to manage the changes while at the same maintaining the interest and engagement of current and future trainees. New Zealand already suffers from major skills shortages in trades training, with too many people instead opting to attend university courses that do not provide any real prospects for future employment. It is vitally important that any changes are implemented in a way that does not put off prospective apprentices from beginning qualifications.

Read Civil Contractors New Zealand’s full submission, below:

Civil Contractors New Zealand submission on the Reform of Vocational Education

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