CCNZ submission on driver licensing consultation

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CCNZ made a submission on the Draft Land Transport (Driver Licensing) Amendment Rule 2019. This review of driver licensing is of interest to CCNZ members because:

• most of our members operate heavy vehicles including trucks as part of their operations
• many of our staff are working on our roading network and are therefore exposed to the risks created by unsafe drivers
• many staff members working for contractors require license endorsements to operate machinery on sites

CCNZ supports the need for a review of driver licencing to achieve the following three outcomes:

• improve road and road works site safety
• reduce unnecessary compliance costs
• remove unnecessary complexity from the driver licensing system.

CCNZ supports many of NZTA’s proposals, but the key changes members would like to see are:

1. Further simplification and rationalisation of the progression from class 2 to class 5 licences as suggested by the Road Transport Forum
2. A graduated system that is less focused on time and more focused on competency
3. NZTA taking a stronger role in overseeing the provision comprehensive and rigorous testing of competency which is independent of driver training providers.
CCNZ’s comments in this submission relate to the overview of the proposals rather than the detailed draft bill. We have limited our comments to issues that are of primary interest to our members.

Read the full submission below:

190503 CCNZ Driver Licensing Submission 3 May 2019

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