About Civil Contractors New Zealand

Civil Contractors New Zealand is an incorporated society that represents the interests and aspirations of over 600 member organisations – including large, medium-sized and small businesses in civil engineering, construction and general contracting. It also has associate members who provide valuable products, support and services to contractor members.

These businesses play a vital role in the development of our country, our economy and our way of life. They build and maintain the roads connecting our cities and towns. They install and care for the water networks that bring fresh water to houses and wastewater to treatment plants. They even install the cables that bring the internet to homes and businesses. These are services a modern and developed economy must have to compete efficiently in world markets and to deliver high living standards for its people.

CCNZ members work for the public and private sectors. Membership is open to any contractor engaged in civil engineering construction and general contracting, including those servicing the rural economy. Associate membership is available to all businesses who service and supply products to the construction/contracting industry.

About Civil Contractors New Zealand

Key activities our members are involved in:


Constructing and maintaining the roads, bridges, railways, airports and ports needed for our modern transport networks


Constructing and maintaining the dams, power stations, oil and gas installations, pipelines, transmission lines and storage and distribution facilities needed to produce and distribute energy to our industry and homes


Constructing and maintaining facilities and the modern telecommunications networks needed for business

Public health

Constructing and maintaining the dams, reservoirs, water treatment plants, water pipelines, sewers and sewage treatment and disposal plants needed to maintain the public health system that serves New Zealand

Farming & forestry

Developing, servicing and harvesting the farms and forests that produce our major exports

Industry & commerce

Constructing the factories and process plants needed to process our raw materials into products for export and domestic consumption

Sport & recreation

Constructing, developing and maintaining the sport and recreation facilities and the parks and reserves needed to fulfil an increasing demand for leisure pursuits

Civil defence

Constructing and maintaining the defences needed to prevent natural disasters, and needed for civil defence emergency response and disaster recovery

National defence

Constructing the facilities needed for our national defence

Our organisation

Civil Contractors New Zealand gives members the opportunity to have their views heard and their interests represented at both local and national levels. At the local level, all members belong to one or more of CCNZ’s 14 branches. At the national level, all members can attend the annual conference. All branches are represented on CCNZ’s General Council which meets annually.

CCNZ Structure